Friday, October 26, 2007

My neighbor doesn't think cancer is funny...

... but it plainly is.

As many of you know, I'm a Rocky Mountain transplant into Brooklyn. Being newly christened a New Yorker, I really have to be tolerant of other people. It's a melting pot, and not everyone is the same. For instance, my neighbor who lives three stories above me, doesn't think cancer is funny in the least.

We're sitting on my couch, and she asks why I'm banging away on a typewriter. I pull my magic computer box over, and show her this fine, fine blog. She reads for a few seconds... doesn't laugh... and has the nerve to tell me that cancer isn't funny.

Jessica from 8B, cancer is quite obviously funny. What? People die from it? So what? People die from AIDS too. Next you're going to tell me that AIDS is no laughing matter? That's a step that no sentient being is ready to take. They're clearly both hysterical.

Calm down, Brett. You have to be tolerant. This girl is from upstate New York, and on top of that Italian. Put that down in your little mental notebook, Brett. Italians from upstate don't like cancer. Shit, this world has a lot to keep track of. German-Danes from Colorado aren't the same.

Next up: The Holocaust.

(kidding. I think I'm writing to Pabst this weekend)